Saturday, 22 March 2014

Eggs in New York

Today the sky was the bluest of blues. I got myself a polaroid camera, i’ve set up a little library in our home, and on Valentine’s day i went on a girly date to a lipstick laboratory to make my own lipstick, scent and all. It smells of violets, citrus and mangoes.

I’ve had my first burrito, at Benny’s Burrito, a Mexican bar full of Mexican colour and energy, watermelon tequila. Reading, writing, productivity. We did a surprise party for a friend, to congratulate him for his photography ‘break’, since Tumblr asked him to shoot New York Fashion Week for them. Black balloons, ribbons hung from the ceiling and we even had a puppy. Such joy. Together we work all night on our uni work, and we share everything. Wasabi mayonnaise, rooftops, sweet potato fries, lunchtimes. Lazy hours, poetry, running, singing in bars, starlight. Emergencies that end up in a creperie, because chocolate and strawberries help with everything. I have become an even madder list-maker than i was before, because of the bomb-load that fills my time. I even schedule in sleep and skype calls. Falling in love with things is endless! First basketball game at Madison Square Gardens arena. Walking Williamsburg bridge at dawn, artichoke pizza, lights! Crème Puffs. Oh, and the white chocolate ganache chai tea at Max Brenner is the best.

I’ve found an insane happiness that i feel day after day after day and ever after, chemical, just being here, and being surrounded by the most unworldly, loving and fire-holding people, friends i should say. The single most terrifying thing about New York is the thought of May, the month i say bye to this little world we’ve made. 

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Week 3 in New York; Update

A piano stands in the snow and a man, hat scarf and all, plays it - Union Square. Elsewhere trombones, feet moving, banjo on the subway. The homeless discussing karma. Sunflower vendors, more snow, hot bagels. Icicles hang like knives from buses. Neon traffic. Giant concrete rises from a giant grid, Manhattan, and our good old friend, the sky, makes a blue appearance above. Brown ice, slush, white sun in the morning. Rooftops beyond my window, and on one roof, the wind waves an American flag, the stars fold and reappear, move like liquid, i watch them from my bed. Big ideas, big beauty. Joy in the city, invisible like magic. Bright as lime, thick with dirt, fruitful. Dreams, dreamers, eyes. New York, thank you…

So I've moved to Manhattan. The single most scariest but best thing I've chosen to do. Risk, what risk? I've never been such a busy bee in my life. I've not taken one picture of New York, i always feel the need to, but i never want to. Eventually there will be pictures on my blog. I've just been loving, watching, reading, laughing, all the verbs in the universe insert here. I've ditched my phone, bonus. Literally i don't have my Blackberry anymore, and all I have is a $15 emergency phone in case I need help when i'm shipwrecked or something. I've never talked so much either, and never formed so many relationships with people that have been so enriching, spiritually. Relationships with people are so important, and it seems obvious but you only see its real shapes when you're connecting with others so damn well. I feel like a part of others, in a bewitching city, and i couldn't be happier. There, i've said it, I Am Happy.

I can only catalogue what i've been doing in the past three weeks, because if i try to form logical sentences you'll be sitting here for a day or two, and whilst i know my ma would happily read ridiculous lengths of my gibberish because she loves me so, i'll spare everyone else that madness. So here it goes in a capsule, it's my third week, i live on sushi, kale chips and chai tea lattes. I love milk duds. Bookshops,  ice skating in Bryant's Park. I have classes everyday. Discussion. Shaking hands, yellow taxi-ing, everyone telling me to have a good day. Bars in Williamsburg, Rockclimbing in Brooklyn, wandering around at 4am with a friend. Vapiano, photographers, living with two designers. Poets, a new bronze mug from Starbucks. Giant pizza at dawn, home delivery, lying on our new red rug whilst listening to french music. Haikus, Van Gogh's Starry Night, drinking Jamba juice. Cinema, Burger at Five Napkins, and lounging by fire in the Hudson hotel, they have the best chips in the world....

Oh, and one of the loveliest things i've learnt whilst being here is the genius of freezing grapes. You bite into a green shell, inside which there is cold grape pulp, much like a blob of sorbet, only better.

 My bed, i'm falling in love fast

                                  I live with this gal below,
                      i don't have a picture with my other roomie yet:

                                         Mama i love you loads, thinking of you

Tuesday, 14 January 2014


 I don't like the word 'resolutions', i don't get it, i'm still the same person as i was december 31st. And if anything, with the new year come january blues, and most of the time i don't feel like leaving my bed. But on sunday i'm moving to New York, from my bed in London. What? So i thought i should make a list, (i love lists) to give my life a little framework. It's a 2014 to-do list, my hopes and drives. Tried to keep it to 10, but, this blog has no organisation so i give you 11.

1. Start something new

2. Buy the entire Clothbound Classics series from Penguin
What could be more beautiful, (and expensive)? I need them in my life, to look at, read and share. I think there's around 31 at the moment, and i want to start with my favourites. Birds, scissors, waves, chairs, butterflies...I've been drooling over these for a while.

3. Do the 50 book challenge
In a year, which probably sounds easy peasy since i'm a literature student, but i want to read more contemporary works. I'm still a classical book girl, love my victorians especially. I've already enjoyed Haddon's Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time, read it in a day! Aside my course novels, this was the first book of my year.

4. Reunite with my old friends
I'm awful at keeping contact, half the time i don't reply to messages, and then they slip my mind and i forget and i need to work on this. I don't know why this happens, it shouldn't happen!

5. Start university projects the day they are set
Even if this means light reading. Just to avoid shitty work when i know i can do better.

6.. Wake up earlier
Everyday before 10am at least.

7. Blog at least once a week
I love blogging though university fills my entire world and mind and i brush my blog under the carpet. I want to take a picture a day in New York, and do a weekly update post with them all on here, for my family at home especially.

8. Book a holiday

9. Treat my body well
Cut out dairy and all the nasties, i need to put my health first. Use my juicer more.

I have a writing journal that my boyfriend gave me for crimbo, and i want to write all about New York in it.

11. And finally, worry less, stress less
This is partly why i have such an amazing relationship with my bed lately because its easier to sleep and forget my worries than to burn them and this year i'm going to stop sleeping as much and return to the things i used to love to do most. And i need to have more self-worth, and believe i can do things.

Thursday, 26 September 2013

A Polish August; Countryside

After a blog break, I'm back and posting. My Barcelona diary has to wait, as first thing on the menu is a different adventure - we did a city hop around Poland. And so a month's worth of that trip will be split into seven parts, each a different city. The Countryside, Gdansk, Gdynia, Sopot, Torun, Warsaw and Krakow.

But first the countryside, my second home.
 Fresh eggs and fish, homemade apple juice and the best mornings ever. It's a healthy place, and outdoor midnight suppers are a must.

And now an instagram roll